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Today many families are faced with the challenges of care for an aging family member who can no longer live alone and needs constant care and continuous care.

Where do we go from here? "Mom is 80, Dad is 85"- a lot of us can relate to that or a similar scenario.

For a lot of us in our 40, 50's and 60's  this is very common scenario:

We are the "sandwich generation'- caring for our growing children and becoming caregivers for our more dependent aging parents. Frustration mounds, stress, sleepless nights, calls to siblings, relatives. looking for answers that are often not easy to find!

Building the Company we took all of this into consideration:

All it take is one phone call or an email inquiry and you are en route to finding best possible Care Alternative for your loved one.


We designed a  personalized professional approach geared to alleviate family/caregiver stress and educate Care Recipients and family members in making the right decision and selecting appropriate individualized services.

Services offered in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut! Rates for live-in assistance are up to 45% less than current Tri-State Corporate rates and almost 70% less of Nursing Home costs!

You and your loved one will benefit from one-to-one care at home, while aging in place with dignity and comfort.


Tri-State Care Alternatives offers Comprehensive Geriatric Care Management Services in  Long Island, NYC, Westchester, Putnam Counties, parts of New Jersey and Connecticut.

Tri-State Care Alternatives, provides extensive and various services for the elderly and disabled. The services are formulated in a uniquely designed program that combines Case Management and Care Evaluation services with an extensive Professional Caregiver database.


In order to identify the elder care needs and personalized requests initial Geriatric Care Management Consultation is offered Free of Charge.

Company database contains over 400 trained and thoroughly screened independent caregivers (national criminal background check, recent physical, references check, certificate trace).

Majority of Care Assistants are Certified Home Health Aides or Personal Care Aides. Some have advanced medical degrees from other countries.

All Care Assistants are English-speaking and are legal aliens or US citizens.

"Dear Dr. Kate, 

Before I forget (with all the things we still need to take care of for my Mom), I wanted to say thank you for all your help and support these last several years.  I can't really say enough about how much we appreciated your counsel and your skill at providing such well qualified caregivers. I knew from our first face-to-face meeting that you were special and that we could depend on you, and you were consistently so.  I am certain my Mom lived a more rewarding last few years because of  your assistance and time after time that has meant so very much to us. We simply could not have done it without you."


"Dear Dr. Smith:

Thank you for referring Hannah . She satisfied the criteria for our Lon-term Insurance Provider- and we found her to be such a competent, cheerful and enthusiastic . I want you to know that we valued every minute she was with us."


"Dear Dr. Kate

Thank you for your ' words of wisdom" we checked with the elder law attorneys you suggested and selected one that will be best in understanding my needs. Bless you all in 2015. I am now 102 years old."


"Dr. Smith,

I wanted to write on behalf of Larissa who has worked and lived in our home for 3 years as a caregiver for my wife, Kristin who died in April, 2017. She suffered from several mini strokes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. She was incontinent and could not walk. Additionally, she had developed Aphasia – could not express herself, either vocally or in writing, 

Larissa provided the ultimate in care. Krist was never wanting for attention. Larissa hand fed Krist, provided companionship, and served every need.  In addition, she cooked  our meals, ordered groceries, kept the kitchen and house spotless, and attended to our dogs. This was particularly important, since our male dog developed diabetes during  Larissa’s stay. This required special meals and insulin shots twice each day. 

I had the opportunity to observe the work of other caregivers. None came close to the proficiency demonstrated by Larissa"

                                   Thank you.


"Dear Dr. Kate

I cannot end this year without expressing to you how effective you were in helping me finding care for my husband Claude after his discharge from the nursing home. Claire was a perfect match for us.

My best wishes for a Happy New Year."